Saturday, December 11, 2010

sooooooo what's this blog all about?

sams creek bookworks blog will be where I'll post stories and pics directly relating to things made and done in the studio (and sometimes the emerging permaculture garden) - things that are booky in nature and content.

I'll be giving details about open days at the studio and garden and letting you know about workshops/ exhibitions and other booky and permaculture events happening here at the creek - and afterwards I'll share some pics of all the (hopefully) good times.

I'll be showing off some of the bookworks projects and letting you know how and where you can find sams creek bookworks goodies.... and indeed - where/how to purchase some pieces (should you feel inclined!)

This space will primarily operate as a simple website for a specific part of what I get up to..... all the simple booky, and related garden bits - and I'll only be posting here sporadically. For the bigger picture (and much more of the gossip...) you'll still find me blogging away as usual at art and etc. 



  1. Sounds great ronnie. let me know when you open...i'll definitely be having a sticky beak. all the best jane

  2. I love all your booky and garden bits so I'll be enjoying this new blog.

  3. OMG Ronnie! Fabulous... love your colours on the blog, too. If only I had ruby red slippers and could magically transport myself to 6km north of Cobargo on May 7th (I'm working on it, but with a low chance of success!). Sara x

  4. so, i'll see you in both places! brave (and energetic) woman!