Sunday, February 26, 2012

grand opening plans

 here we are a year behind schedule

but this time EVERYTHING is going swimmingly for a HUGE opening day

Saturday May 5 2012

Over Christmas Phil created a beautiful wheelchair accessible path
and undertook some urgent repairs to my funny little shed/studio

in the next couple of weeks I'm going to be painting the exterior
(ooooo just WAIT until you see how this baby is going to be transformed!)

Then I've got a huge studio garden to replant 
(its a MESS right now)

then there's the rest of the garden to get to work on

(we're ordering a semi-trailer load of mulch this week.... 
have you seen how much mulch that is? WOLF!)

and then there's the interior to get ready 
(painting, cleaning, shelves and curtains to make...)

and my planned 'kiddies art in the courtyard' thingy to get going 

and the 'under the eaves' art exhibition to get started

and the fences to be fixed

and the signs to make




and I KNOW I'm going to get there 
and its going to be FANTASTIC!

(hope you can come to the big day.....)

*** proceeds from the opening will go to Cobargo School P&C 
for the school's kitchen/garden/outdoor classroom project



  1. holy cow, ronnie, this is great!

  2. Go for it Ronnie, it will be wonderful! Can't be there that weekend but will be sending best vibes to you. Carol xxx