Tuesday, May 29, 2012

next open day....

Phew! its been a whirlwind time!

I'm now hunkering down for winter and working on oodles and oodles of arty projects

The next BIG open day at the studio will be the long weekend in October 2012 which will have a distinct BOOK theme (with the possibility of a one day book arts workshop nestled in there too!) - I will be displaying handmade books and demonstrating book crafts with all the lovely bookbinding gear in the bookworks studio.

Of course the garden will be starting to emerge from its winter hibernation (like me!) and visitors can wander the grounds at will (hopefully I'll have a couple of new garden AND book projects completed by then....)

Lets make it a date eh?!



  1. It's in the diary in hope that I can swing it! How exciting!

  2. Really want to visit! Someday.....

  3. Lovely unassuming blog! Thanks for your lid tip for my photo's!